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Top 10 Things to do in Ontario (continued)

6. Polar Bear Express , Cochrane to Moosonee
This is the only way to see the true north of Ontario , unless you can afford a bush plane. This 186-mile train ride starts in Cochrane .

While there pay your homage at Tim Horton Museum . He is a Canadians' god - not only was he a great hockey player, but he revolutionized the donut industry by opening a national chain, bringing donuts and great joy to all!

Cochrane itself is in the middle of nowhere. The train then continues on to the farthest outposts of nowhere. En route it passes beautiful, untouched forests and rivers. Four hours later it arrives in Moosonee , a Cree reservation.

A boat ride over to Moose Factory Island will afford a better view of James Bay , Canada 's almost-inland sea. Settled in the mid-1600's, Moose Factory is the oldest English community in Ontario . Once there you can shop in the very first Hudson 's Bay Company store, formerly a fur trading post. It is the oldest company still operating in North America and also the store where we are registered for our wedding , though not at this particular location

7. Shaw Festival , Niagara-on-the-Lake
One of Canada's best drama festivals. Offering something other than yet another Shakespeare festival (That insipid Gwyneth Paltrow has ruined Shakespeare for me!). The works of Shaw and his contemporaries (Coward, Chekov, Ibsen) offer some outstanding comedy, tragedies, and musicals. Niagara-on-the-Lake is the perfect setting for it, a charming albeit overpriced Victorian-era village.

8. White water rafting on the Ottawa River
Are you man enough (even if you're a woman) to take on Nature's full power and prove your mettle? If so, than these world-class rapids are your thing! Or, if you're not man enough, try inner-tubing down the Elora Gorge, an excellent way to get in touch with Nature's calmer, gentler feminine side.

9. Metro Toronto Zoo
The second largest zoo in North America (San Diego the first) and one of the 10 best in the world. It stands in marked contrast to the traditional animal-in-cages type zoo. Instead they have enclosures that simulate the creature's natural environment.

When I went to the Berlin and Barcelona zoos, it really made me appreciate how much better Toronto 's is. Not only is it larger and more interesting to stroll around, but more importantly, it is infinitely more humane.

10. Experience our Provincial Parks
Whether it's Canoeing at Kilarney Provincial Park , hiking at Killbear, Supper-happy-fun sliding at Grundy Lake , or dodging bears at Algonquin. Our parks are among the best in the world.

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